Good day ! My name is Oleg (volego) and I am the author of the project OGmeta .

This is a service of tools for webmasters , specialists in seo- promotion and content managers. Here you will find a set of necessary utilities for analyzing and checking  pages for correct structure and search engine optimization.

Well -developed tag reference guides will help you maximize the effectiveness of the content, and detailed checklists will give a clear idea of ​​what your ideal web page should be.

Why do you need to test your sites on the Open Graph?

When sharing content on Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and other social networks and instant messengers , the visual appeal of the reference material is important . The optimized preview of the link snippet, intended for the target group , leads to significant improvements in the conversion rates on the links and a reduction in the failure rate. Using the Open Graph micro-  markup, you can maximize the  effectiveness of your pages and thereby achieve a competitive advantage.. Therefore, it is very important to implement Open Graph tags on the pages of your site. OGmeta helps you make this work easier, faster and more reliable. Use predictive analysis mikrorazmetki, detailed reference tags with tips on how to fill and generator  ready to insert the valid HTML5-code - Save your time!

Evaluate the Open Graph microdata tag analysis tool

The Importance of Analyzing Key SEO Page Elements

SEO optimization is the only sure key to success in website promotion through search traffic . This path is long and thorny, but it leads to qualitative results and provides a large number of targeted visits. OGmeta is able to conduct  SEO analysis of the  structure and the most important elements of the page code in terms of their importance in search engine promotion. With the help of convenient reports and recommendations of the service, it is possible to identify all problem elements in 5 minutes and take steps to eliminate them promptly. Having a detailed reference for key SEO components and clear checklists will do the job of editing the content.simple and convenient . An indispensable tool for content managers and SEO specialists!

Use the structure analyzer to create the perfect content.