2019.09.30 15:05
The very first and most important thing to do if you want to start a blog is to decide! To do this, read 8 simple points to eliminate the mistakes of all beginners.

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If you run a blog, or you have a section with articles on your site, then sooner or later you will be asked: "Should I store all my old content?". The answer to it depends on the content of the articles. You can update, delete or edit old materials. Let's see together when and what to do in order not to lose ranking in search results.

If you are thinking about how to finally start your own personal blog, then the very first and most important thing to do is decide! If you were waiting for some kind of signal, then here it is: “ Start your blog today! "But before you start, just spend a little of your time reading this article so you have less work to do. Let's walk through the steps you must take when starting your new blog.


❶ Decide on your blog topic

You, as an administrator and part-time author, should always write only about what you know and what you are good at. But do not write about everything you know. Choose a specific niche, the most promising and rich in materials for future articles. Decide on the main topic and write the names of the alleged articles related to this topic. Most likely, your audience will constantly come back to you and it will be easy for people to predict what to expect from your articles. Starting a fishing blog, for example, implies that you write about everything related to fishing. Starting a cooking blog, you write about recipes, etc. Of course, you can from time to time write about something a little off topic, but try to stick to your niche. The fishing blog audience does not expect blog posts about hunting, etc.

❷ Do your keyword research

Having chosen your niche, get acquainted with the basics of keyword research using such a wonderful tool as wordstat.yandex.ru. Try to find out what people are looking for the most. What queries do they drive in the search engine bar when they want to read about your niche and your topic? You must really get into the heads of your potential subscribers. If you choose the right keywords and make a plan for writing articles, you should have a long list of keywords for which you would like to get into the top of search results. Try to find competitive key queries as well as low-frequency long-tail key queries.

❸ Think about the site structure

You will start from scratch, so now it is very important to make up the structure of the future site with the ability to scale without errors. Decide which sections will be the most popular. Which title keywords are most important to you? You should write a long, very interesting article about each of these keywords. These will be your most important articles, or, in other words, the underlying content. You should give these articles a prominent place on your site.

Site structure

After you have written these beautiful cornerstones, write a lot of blog posts on the subtopics of this main topic and always make links to your cornerstones.

❹ Write your first post

Take some time to do keyword research. But do not dwell on this. Just write the first post! Put the pen on the paper and just do it. Your blog starts from the very first post. This post does not have to be perfect; it just needs to be published. Need help getting started? Check out our tips for writing awesome, SEO-optimized blog posts.

❺ Add photos or videos

Creating a good, informative post for a site is always more than just writing good text. A successful blog has photos and videos. Each post must contain at least one image. Taking beautiful photos is a great way to create images. Creating short videos is a really good blogging strategy. Especially if you are blogging about some activity, photos are needed for this.

❻ Search engine optimization

After publishing your post, check its page with OGmeta for technical content optimization. Remember to create an awesome SEO title and a decent snippet for the Open Graph snippet.

❼ Promote your site

Using popular social networks and instant messengers is the best way to attract an audience to your blog. This is why your blog must have a Facebook page. Posting your posts to Facebook is a good marketing strategy. Do not forget about such popular sites as Instagram Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki!

Promote your site

❽ Be consistent!

The most important thing when creating a blog - in addition to the initial setup - is writing the very first blog post. Once you have written this first post, your blog has begun. From now on, you must continue to write blog posts to make it a success. So, try to determine how often new posts are posted. You do not need to blog every day, once a week, or maybe even once every two weeks - this is a good frequency to start with. Find the frequency you can stick with! Your audience will know what to expect if the frequency of your blog is stable.

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