2019.07.29 09:53
Service checking SEO and Open Graph protocol OGmeta is constantly being finalized. To change the website promotion strategy, it was decided to bring it to a separate domain. Read more about this and other changes in this article.

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OGmeta 2.0 - service redesign
OGmeta 2.0 - service redesign
The analysis and generation of Open Graph micro-markup and SEO elements OGmeta has undergone great changes. In the new version of the tools for analysis it has become even more, reference books and articles have appeared in detail.

The OGmeta service is constantly being updated in order to improve functionality and expand tools for webmasters. To change the website promotion strategy, it was decided to bring it to a separate domain - ogmeta . ru . This will allow to promote and develop it as a separate resource.

The work on preparing the transfer stretched for almost a month and during this time a sufficiently large number of minor but important fixes and improvements were made to some modules of the site:

  • The section with articles has been reworked - now, for easy navigation, tags have been added to each article, according to which it will be convenient to search for similar materials. Now there are not as many articles as we would like, but in the future it is planned to increase the knowledge base with the help of review articles and detailed manuals for webmasters.
  • Algorithms for automatic page analysis have been corrected - thanks to the user antubelov, a bug was opened, in which the Cyrillic text was incorrectly output for 1% of the analyzed pages.
  • Interface elements have been changed - the limited budget does not allow attracting a professional UX-designer to work out the interfaces of control elements in detail, so you have to cope on your own, guided by your own experience and ideas about beauty. If there is a person among those who read this modest opus, who is ready to give valuable advice in this area free of charge  , please leave your opinion in the comments or write here: info@ogmeta.ru.
  • The catalog of special characters of HTML has been added  - now you can use this section to search and insert beautiful and original symbols on the pages of your site. A handy preview tool will help you evaluate how the special character will look in the browser header and content of the page.
  • A directory of HTTP server response codes has appeared  - previously information about these codes was issued as an article. It is now easy to search for information and value for each state using the convenient search form in a separate section.

These and other changes are available right now! Use the service, make your sites even better and leave your ideas and comments on how to improve OGmeta in the comments or in the guest book

Best regards, volego

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