2019.04.26 11:15
The analysis and generation of Open Graph micro-markup and SEO elements OGmeta has undergone great changes. In the new version of the tools for analysis it has become even more, reference books and articles have appeared in detail.

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Transfer OGmeta to a new domain
Transfer OGmeta to a new domain
The OGmeta service is constantly being updated in order to improve functionality and expand tools for webmasters. To change the website promotion strategy, it was decided to bring it to a separate domain - ogmeta.ru. In addition to the new address, the site has updates: redesigned section with articles - tags have been added for easy navigation, corrected algorithms for automatic page analysis, reworked some interface elements.

In September 2017, I had cooperation on finalizing the website of one company, and during the discussion of the technical task, the question arose about how to optimize the display of the Open Graph snippet . The customer had a large share of traffic from social networks and it was necessary to optimize the contact page so that it was beautifully displayed when sharing it through social networks. It was then that I first applied the Open Graph microdata to practice . The experience seemed to me quite interesting, and I began to introduce this technology already in all subsequent new projects. To track the correctness of the snippet display and be able to quickly checkusing the protocol, the OGmeta tool was written .

Since the page analysis consisted in parsing its individual HTML nodes , it would be foolish not to extend the verification functionality to the possibility of analyzing the structure and key elements .

The first version of OGmet'a only did that:

  • Check and display meta tags of Open Graph protocol
  • Check and output ordinary meta tags
  • Output HTTP server response headers

Growth dynamics

For a long time , the project site remained abandoned , no new content, no improvements to improve the functionality. But even in spite of this, the visiting statistics on Yandex.Metrica showed a steady growth of organic traffic with a low failure rate (no more than 5% ) of all visits:

Visitor Growth Chart

From the beginning of 2019, I realized that I had hooked on some really interesting topic and began to think through plans to modernize the site. Since the last release, I have already mastered more new technologies and advanced in the field of SEO-optimization.

Geography of site visitors

In a strategic analysis of the region of use , it became obvious that the site is used not only by the Russian-speaking audience, but also abroad :

Audience geography

It was decided to rewrite the project from scratch . Now under the hood of him:

  • Reliable code on Yii2
  • Native support for  Russian and English languages
  • Caching high load modules
  • Commenting system
  • SEO-optimized content and more

I am pleased to present you with an absolutely mature and effective project . Use the service, leave your comments and suggestions for improving the functionality, and, of course, send links to your friends and colleagues in social networks and instant messengers.

Thanks for attention!

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