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2019.09.30 15:05

How to start a blog?

Content What needs to be done to start a blog?

If you are thinking about how to finally start your own personal blog, then the very first and most important thing to do is decide! If you were waiting for some kind of signal, then here it is: “Start your blog today!” But before you start, just spend a bit of your time reading this article so that later you have less work. Let's walk through the 8 steps you should take when starting your new blog.

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2019.09.25 11:04

New Google settings to control the display of search snippets

Content | SEO | Search engines Google settings for managing search snippets

Google’s new settings for managing search snippets allow webmasters to control the display of their pages as a result of search results. Google adds max-snippet, max-video-preview, max-image-preview, and many other controls.

Google has announced the use of new settings for code snippets that allow webmasters to control how Google searches display your content in search results lists. The company wrote about this on the Google webmaster blog. These options work either with the robots meta tag set or with HTML attributes.

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2019.06.24 13:38

Should I keep old content on the site?

Content | SEO Should I keep old content on the site?

If you run a blog, or you have a section with articles on your site, then sooner or later you will be asked: "Should I store all my old content?". The answer to it depends on the content of the articles. You can update, delete or edit old materials. Let's see together when and what to do in order not to lose ranking in search results.

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