Verification of the response code and HTTP server headers

When indexing search engine robots such as Yandex or Google go to your site, you need to make sure that they can easily read the content in order to index the maximum number of pages. The report on verification of received server headers allows you to quickly assess the correctness of your site settings . OGmeta analyzes the server response headers and detects any potential violations. The report indicates redirects if they exist, and many types of problems with the web server that may cause difficulties for search engine robots. The report also displays the status of the server.and other details for full details. It is useful to know what is “under the hood” of your site, because a clean server provides the best possible environment, both for indexing a search engine, and for ordinary users.

How does the HTTP header evaluation mechanism work?

Enter the URL of the webpage or domain you want to check. If the tool detects any problems, it reports the corresponding server error codes and descriptions along with other information so you can fix them. This information is useful, as the mechanisms of site evaluation by the search engines can lower the rating of the resource if errors are found on the web server.