Check image attributes on page

OGmeta service allows you to automatically scan all the images on the page and show detailed information on each graphic element declared via the HTML IMG tag . A correctly inserted image with the specified ALT and TITLE attributes attracts new visitors to the pages of your site through organic search traffic and increases the success of behavioral factors.

What image attributes need to be checked?

When analyzing a page, search engines rate images by parameters, such as:

  • ALT - the presence of this attribute helps the search engine to understand what is shown in the picture
  • TITLE - enhances the user experience, the so-called UX
  • Resolution, type, weight - these values ​​refer to the technical characteristics of the image file

All these attributes pass through an automatic control system and the necessary recommendations are formed , following which will allow you to achieve the maximum effect from the use of images on your site.

How does OGmeta validate images?

Checking the landing page is carried out by the service in several stages:

Stage 1. As a result of parsing the HTML code of the page, an array of images will be obtained that contains data about graphic sources. This array allows you to calculate the number of iterations required to collect information.

Stage 2. The elements obtained in the first stage are sequentially analyzed and a ready report is formed , which reflects the full information about the images used on the page.

Technical Images in 1px

It is important to note that some visitor statistics systems, such as Yandex.Metrica, use 1px image insertion to track user events. Such resources do not carry contextual load and are skipped during the analysis.