Analyzing meta tags on SEO and correctness

Meta tags are small pieces of code that are usually added to the HEAD section of an HTML page. These tags are used by webmasters to technically manage the page and achieve SEO goals . Not all meta tags are needed for SEO, most of them are used to transfer technical parameters that are not available in the form of text content.

OGmeta is a great tool to help you understand which tags are used on the page and analyze them for SEO efficiency and correctness of filling. Such an analysis provides webmasters with an understanding of the technical state of the page.

Checking meta tags on the site - why is it needed?

As mentioned above, meta tags help in SEO, so you need to know which tag will help in ranking the page, and which tag will not. That's why you should use this tag verification tool . You can analyze the pages of your website and decide which tags are needed and which are not.

How does website metadata analysis work?

OGmeta does not perform difficult work, the tool checks the specified page by parsing HTML code and displays a table of used metadata with recommendations for optimizing them , if any. The analyzer checks such parameters as:

  • The length of the tags for compliance with SEO-recommendations
  • Reuse
  • Outdated structures
  • Availability for indexing
  • And much more