Check Open Graph microdata

Compliance of the code of the page with the microdistribution of the Open Graph protocol is one of the guaranteed keys for the page to exit to the search TOP  due to a properly constructed snippet for displaying data. But, in addition to technical optimization, the applied protocol increases the attractiveness of content for social networks and instant messengers. OGmeta not only analyzes the protocol tags on the page, but also allows you to visualize them as a snippet to evaluate the preview.

How does Open Graph validation work?

To test the implementation of the protocol on your site, OGmeta will download the page source from the specified URL. Once the download is complete, OGmeta will search for Open Graph tags in the HTML page code . Upon completion of the search process, all tags will be visually displayed in a table. The whole process will be completed in just a few seconds.

If the system considers that the protocol has been correctly initialized on the page and there is all the necessary data, under the main table you can see yesa preview of the snippet of the display of microdata.

OGmeta should work correctly with most websites. Problems can arise only with the verification of sites that use a complex configuration of loading through AJAX technology. There may also be some server configurations that do not allow OGmeta to load the page source code. But for more than 99% of all sites, the tool works fine . So just try it!

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