Check the structure of the HTML document

The module for checking the structure of an HTML document by its URL address allows you to automatically evaluate the hierarchy and technical content of the page . The algorithms of modern search engines, in addition to behavioral factors, pay great attention to the correct structure of the pages. Therefore, it is very important to bring it to the maximum effective scheme .

What elements of the HTML document should be checked

When analyzing an arbitrary HTML document, the OGmeta service checks the following elements:

  • Title The title of the page from which the search results card is formed, the so-called SERP snippet
  • Description A brief description of the content that complements the main title in the snippet information block.
  • Headings H1-H6 tags of thematic sections of the page that help the search engine to properly consider the importance of related content and separate one thematic block from another.

HTML document code structure

How web page structure analysis works

When analyzing a document, the OGmeta service parses the HTML page by its URL. After that, a hierarchical tree is built up from the headers, the visual arrangement of which helps to quickly present the outline of the document in a logical form . For each element, in the event of the existence of the proposed technical problems, automatic individual recommendations are issued for improving the structure .