WHOIS website domain information

OGmeta provides an automated WHOIS-service for extracting public information about the main domain of the link. This data can be extremely useful in the technical audit of the site and the servers on which it is located.

What data can I get from the WHOIS domain?

The obtained public data allows you to find out the domain settings, such as:

  • when the analyzed domain was first registered ;
  • end date of domain registration ;
  • which domain name registrar manages the web address;
  • information about the Domain Administrator , if he has not applied personal data protection policy. This item is especially relevant for domain owners of the international zone. Information about site administrators in .RU and .РФ zones is not available by default.

In addition to all of the above, the WHOIS service can be used to test the overall health of the site. If the site is registered and hosted on the hosting - data about it is retrieved successfully , otherwise - the domain is not registered by anyone or there are problems with access to it.