BMP image type

BMP image type

Bitmap is one of the first bitmap image formats that is still in use today. This term comes from the terminology of computer programming. Bitmap means a bitmap or an array of bits. There is also another term called pixmap, which refers to a pixel map . Each pixel can store several colors. The term bitmap is used to mean one bit per pixel, and the term bitmap is used to mean several bits per pixel. Simply put, a bitmap is the display space and color of each bit or pixel.

Advantages and disadvantages of BMP

The advantages of using a raster format are that the use of the processor will be less than in other formats, and the ability to receive and display colors and shapes that look more natural than those presented in another format - without noise and artifacts . However, the disadvantages of this format are that the file will be much larger in size than files in other raster formats, and, unfortunately, the file cannot be immediately changed, because the raster image uses a raster or fixed graphic method for specifying the image.


Benefits of BMP format

The positive characteristics of the BMP format for WEB design are as follows:

  • Raster files can be easily created from existing pixel data stored in an array in memory.
  • Obtaining pixel data stored in a raster file can often be done using a coordinate set that allows you to conceptualize the data in a grid .
  • Pixel values can be changed individually or in large groups by changing the palette, if any.
  • Raster files can be well converted by output devices.

However, BMP files also have disadvantages.

They can be very large , especially if the image contains a large number of colors. Data compression can reduce the size of pixel data, but the data must be expanded before it can be used, and this can significantly slow down the reading and rendering process . In addition, the more complex the bitmap (a large number of colors and the smallest details), the less efficient the compression process.

Images in this format usually do not scale well . Compressing an image using decimation (discarding pixels) can lead to an unacceptable change in the image, as well as to the expansion of the image due to the replication of pixels. Because of this, raster files should usually be displayed on the screen and printed at the resolution in which they were originally saved.

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