GIF image type

GIF image type

GIF is one of the first formats that appeared in the WEB environment since 1987. This type of image was specially designed for the introduction of graphics on the pages of Internet sites and allows you to transfer graphic information without loss of quality with a gradation of 256 colors .

Compression of graphic data in this format is achieved by optimizing the storage of information about a single color within a line . Thus, monochromatic images in which horizontal, single-color regions predominate are very efficiently compressed.

However, although there are advantages to using this image format, there are corresponding disadvantages that should be considered when using on the pages of your site. To determine if you have successfully chosen the type of image file format, you can check out some of the pros and cons of animated GIFs :

List of Benefits of Animated GIFs

Small file size

One of the main advantages of using animated GIFs is the size , which can be relatively smaller compared to other file formats. Moreover, it can be beneficial when downloading images online, as they can load faster without losing quality.

Transparent background

In addition to the small file sizes when using animated GIFs, these types can also support transparent background . It will also help give a more professional look to a specific website with animations on a varied background.

The best way to convey animation

Another professional for animated gifs is that he can show any thought much better than usual. It can show movements and emotions that a normal image cannot make. Moreover, it can be ideal when creating training animations that can enhance the experience. Please note that the young audience is easily amused by the animation, so it can really pay attention to the details.


List of shortcomings of animated GIFs

Limited color scheme.

Because animated images use only a 256-color palette , they sometimes look worse than other image files. In some cases, images may appear slightly jagged or pixelated.

Inability to edit

Another disadvantage associated with using animated GIFs is that it cannot be edited if the animation has already been encoded into the actual GIF file. Thus, you must make sure that you have the source data before you get started right away. If you do not, you may have to do the same again from the very beginning to make minor changes to your existing GIF file.

Internet Connection Issues

Although GIF files are small and should work smoothly after the final encoding of a sequence of still images, some of these animated images may depend on the speed of the Internet . Therefore, when the connection is delayed a little, images will not be downloaded immediately, and as a result, a less desirable version of this file will be displayed.

To summarize , you can download that animated GIFs can be very useful depending on how they are used on the website. Therefore, before you want to use a specific animated GIF-file, try to make sure that you rated all the pros and cons in relation to other graphic formats.

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