JPG image type

JPG image type

The JPEG file format has been around for many years and is supported by all graphic editors and web browsers . Images of this type are also supported by every digital camera and any video camera that can also take pictures. Printing kiosks, all kinds of media players - all support the JPEG standard. If you want to use a 100% universal image format , select JPEG format.

Smaller file size

One of the main advantages of  the JPEG file format, which has made it so popular, is that it does not take up much storage space. This was important a few years ago when hard drives were much smaller and Internet connection speeds were much lower.

Today, image processing devices have become much faster and the speed of the Internet has grown significantly, but for some use cases where speed is critical, JPG is out of competition in terms of the ratio of visual image size / file size.


However, JPEG compression has several drawbacks, which we will discuss below:

Compression discards some data

One of the drawbacks of the small file size is the type of compression used. The lossy compression algorithm used in JPG means that the data is compressed every time a file is saved. However, for the most part you will not notice data loss - unless you start editing the file.

JPEG files contain 8-bit (256 tones) data for red, green, and blue. It provides 16.7 million colors. Although this is more than enough to view a photo, you can limit it after you start editing and adjusting colors. With a sufficient number of changes, you will begin to see stripes in the histogram of the image. Striping occurs when pixel values ​​are missing in some tonal values ​​and looks like a comb on the histogram.

Compression noise and artifacts

For the most part, you want to use as little JPEG file compression as possible. The more compression you use, the more artifacts and noise  may appear. They usually look like “spots” in the image and can actually reduce image quality. When saving JPEG images for printing, I usually set the compression level to maximum quality, which creates a great image without any artifacts.

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