This tag gives a short description of the page object. og:descriptionparticipates in the process of forming a shared snippet . Unlike the usual meta tag description, it does not affect the overall level of SEO promotion, however, it is recommended to fill it with meaningful text that matches the context of the page. In case the Open Graph tag of the description is not on the page, some media may use the standarddescription page.

<meta property='og:description' content='Your description' />

The optimal length of Open Graph Description

The optimal length for an attribute is contentfrom 120 to 220 printable characters. If there are more of them, it’s not scary, the extra characters will be cut off from the end, but if it’s less, it creates little informational content of the link and ultimately can reduce the quantity of page transitions.

Best Practice Fill Description

In order not to be mistaken with the optimal length of the content, it is better to use a special HTML-code constructor . And if the Open Graph micro-markup is already used on your site , then it is recommended to periodically check your pages for correct filling of the micro-mark tags using an automatic tool . OGmeta will not only show errors using Open Graph tags, but will also give out individual recommendations for correcting data in order to achieve maximum efficiency of use.