Server response codes - what they mean

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Our database contains information about codes. You can find out what code the web server returns when requesting a specific resource on your site using the HTTP requests analyzer. Upgrade your website with individual customization tips!

Numeric  HTTP response status codes indicate the status of  the request to the web server. Each group contains several different responses; in this guide you will find an overview of the most common HTTP status codes. Answers are grouped into four classes:

The message accompanying the server status response code does not matter to the clients. Most customers use only a numeric status code. The message should be considered as a text comment , and it is not necessary for the client to check them.


In general, the control of response codes relates to the technical optimization of the site, but it largely allows search engines to determine the status of pages . For example, deletion from the index in case of receiving a message about the absence of the requested page or moving the resource to a new address, etc.

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