Web server error messages

The following 500 group status codes indicate that the server knows that it is in an error state or is unable to complete the request. As a rule, such errors in the normal operation of the site should not be. With a good organization of the site engine (backend), the logic of requests is processed without errors from the server and leads, in the worst case, to errors of the group 400 - client errors.

Code Message Description
500 Internal server error The server detected something that it did not expect, and could not complete the request. Often this error is associated with incorrect execution of the program code.
502 Bad gateway The server received an invalid response from another server in the request chain.
503 Service unavailable The server is currently unavailable (due to server overload or because it is disconnected from service). In most cases, this is a temporary condition associated with an increased load.
504 Gateway timeout error The server did not receive a timely response from another server in the chain of requests that it accessed when trying to load a web page or execute another request by the browser.

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