What elements are important for SEO promotion

One of the first things that most website owners learn about SEO is the realization of how unpredictable everything is in this area. Much of what determines where the pages of your site will appear in the search engine rankings is beyond your control. But, despite this, it is very important to know and strive to maximize the use of all available methods that can lead your pages to the top of Yandex or Google.


Every webmaster and content manager can practice good technical optimization on their pages. In conjunction with high-quality content, this with a large degree of confidence will lead the site to success, and even more so it is a relatively cheap and easiest way to give your site an edge over numerous competitors who may not have bothered to do it yet.

Check the SEO on the website

Structure of a document valid for SEO

The HTML document template from which the SEO begins:

Below are the main elements that make up a web page and which have the greatest impact on search engine promotion.

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Effective subtitles for SEO

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