Markers and Ticks

Set of HTML characters Markers and Ticks (11 pcs.) for use on WEB-pages. Upgrade your website to search results using simple conversion enhancement techniques! You can embed symbols directly into HTML, using decimal html-codes or their aliases - mnemonic.

Example: © or ©

<!-- An example of the use of decimal and mnemo code in HTML -->
<p> Example: &#169; or &copy; </p>

And you can also use CSS-properties to display the desired character by its code.

Example: ©

<!-- Example of special character output via CSS properties -->
<p> Example: <span class='copyright'></span>  </p>
/* CSS */
    content: '\00A9';
Symbol Mnemonic Decimal HTML-code CSS-code Description
&#9745; \2611 Check mark in the box Preview
&#9746; \2612 Cross in a square Preview
&#10046; \273E Flower with six petals Preview
&#10006; \2716 Bold multiplication sign Preview
&#10008; \2718 Bold cross Preview
&#10004; \2714 Fat check mark Preview
&#10065; \2751 Unpainted square with lower right shadow Preview
&#9672; \25C8 Diamond in frame Preview
· &middot; &#183; \00B7 Multiplication sign Preview
&bull; &#8226; \2022 List marker Preview
&#8251; \203B Footnote sign Preview

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