Set of HTML characters Quotes (23 pcs.) for use on WEB-pages. Upgrade your website to search results using simple conversion enhancement techniques! You can embed symbols directly into HTML, using decimal html-codes or their aliases - mnemonic.

Example: © or ©

<!-- An example of the use of decimal and mnemo code in HTML -->
<p> Example: &#169; or &copy; </p>

And you can also use CSS-properties to display the desired character by its code.

Example: ©

<!-- Example of special character output via CSS properties -->
<p> Example: <span class='copyright'></span>  </p>
/* CSS */
    content: '\00A9';
Symbol Mnemonic Decimal HTML-code CSS-code Description
< &lt; &#60; \003C Less than sign (beginning of tag) Preview
> &gt; &#62; \003E Greater Than (end of tag) Preview
« &laquo; &#171; \00AB Left double angle bracket Preview
» &raquo; &#187; \00BB Right double angle bracket Preview
&lsaquo; &#8249; \2039 Left Angle Single Quote Preview
&rsaquo; &#8250; \203A Right Angle Single Quote Preview
" &quot; &#34; \0022 Double quote Preview
&prime; &#8242; \2032 Single stroke Preview
&#8243; \2033 Double stroke Preview
&lsquo; &#8216; \2018 Left single quote Preview
&rsquo; &#8217; \2019 Right single quote Preview
&sbquo; &#8218; \201A Lower single quote Preview
&ldquo; &#8220; \201C Left double quotation mark Preview
&rdquo; &#8221; \201D Right double quote Preview
&bdquo; &#8222; \201E Bottom double quote Preview
&#10076; \275C Fat single upper comma Preview
&#10075; \275B Fat single rotated upper comma Preview
' &apos; &apos; \0027 Apostrophe (single quote) Preview
¯ &macr; &macr; \00AF Macron Preview
° &deg; &#176; \00B0 Degree Preview
´ &acute; &#180; \00B4 Accent mark Preview
&#91; \005B Left square bracket Preview
&#93; \005D Right bracket Preview

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